We are a congregation with a long history in Halifax, beginning more than 175 years ago as a small Universalist Church. More than fifty years ago the Unitarian designation was added and we became the Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax located in our present building. We are the only UU congregation in Nova Scotia and the most eastern in Canada.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life and total about 90. Some travel a considerable distance to attend our services. Many of our members have previously been members of another religious denomination, usually Christian, but some have no previous affiliation. There may be almost as many theological viewpoints within our congregation as there are members but majorities agree that we come together primarily to celebrate shared principles and values, for a sense of community and fellowship, for the intellectual stimulation, for spiritual growth, for meditation, for music and to support and encourage social action. For most members, these varied objectives are not considered contradictory or mutually exclusive.

All age groups are represented in our congregation and we have an active Religious Exploration Program for children.

We are a designated Welcoming Congregation that welcomes and supports GLBTQ members.