Our Shared Building

Our Historic Property

We own and are very proud of our well-documented heritage building in the South end of Halifax.  We maintain the property to make it functional and enjoyable, not just for the church community, but for other groups and individuals who call upon it for a variety of uses.


The Halifax Early Childhood School occupies the second floor of the building for a half-day, pre-school program. The reception room, also known as the Ballroom Gallery, doubles as an art space for local artists. The Spiritual Science Fellowship uses the building on Sunday evenings for their weekly gatherings.

The Ballroom Gallery

The Ballroom Gallery is a not-for-profit art space celebrating religion and spirituality through art. The gallery also functions as a supportive environment where church members and friends may show work of their own. The Ballroom Gallery does not intend to represent any one religion or concept of spirituality. We are here to reflect back to the community at large the range and diversity of practicing contemporary artists.

The gallery is owned and operated under the auspices of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax. Artists who wish to show at the gallery should contact the church office, 429-5500. They will be asked to submit a portfolio of work and an artist’s biography.

The gallery occupies 700 square feet of display space in two rooms of our provincially registered heritage property. All exhibits are widely seen, as several groups routinely use the church building on various business.

The gallery is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 to 3, by chance or by appointment.

Artists who have exhibited at the Ballroom Gallery include:

Regina Coupar

Laureen van Lierop

Margaret van Gurp

Drew Klassen

Ella Wilson

Michael Seary

Bette Pepperdene

Ann Hart

Pat Kew-Ahern

The North End Rug Hookers

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