Religious Exploration for Children & Youth (RE)

Our goal is to provide an age-appropriate program in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that:

• promotes the principles and values of Unitarian Universalism
• honours all religions and prepares children and youth for living in a pluralistic society
• helps them to develop and express their values and spirituality
• deepens their connections with nature
• provides guidelines for ethical living
• fosters inclusiveness for children and youth of varying abilities; and promotes inclusiveness in the wider society

The exact Religious Exploration program changes each year depending on the ages of those involved but we endeavor to provide programming for children and youth from toddlers to high school students. The exact content or curriculum also varies from year to year. A paid Director of Religious Exploration, volunteer teachers and a paid childcare provider supervise the religious exploration sessions each week.
Our Directer of Religious Exploration is Marie-claude Leroux.