Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration for Children & Youth (RE)

The goal for UU RE is to provide an age-appropriate program in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that:

The exact Religious Exploration program changes each year depending on the ages of those involved but we endeavor to provide programming for children and youth from toddlers to high school students. The exact content or curriculum also varies from year to year.

We are currently in the process of revamping our RE programs; however, there will always be a volunteer who will provide age appropriate stories and play for any children who do not wish to remain in the service.

We are currently revamping our Religious Exploration program for all ages; but rest assured, children are welcome.  We have volunteers to take any children out (if they wish) for stories and games.  As well, starting in September 2024, we will have a babysitter with ECE qualifications to look after our children.

Religious Exploration for Adults

We also have opportunities for adult religious exploration.  Stay tuned.