Committees and Groups

The UUCH has a governing board and several committees/groups. Committees are represented at the Board by the Members-at-Large or directly by committee/group representatives.

Religious Exploration (RE) for Children & Youth
Responsible for children’s RE during each Sunday worship service, youth groups, family activities.

Religious Exploration (RE) for Adults
Includes a Humanist group, a library (with books on spirituality, religion, philosophy, ethics and science) and other avenues for adult RE.

Paid part-time Music Director; responsible for music at each Sunday  service, monthly Music Projects (in the form of choir music). Also includes After Choir (folk/rock group) who contribute to the last service of each month.

Includes Caring Committee, Hiking Group, Dinners for Eight, Coffeehouses and the ever popular coffee/tea hour after church services.

Includes Aesthetics, Ballroom Gallery, Library, Archivist, Historian, Building Use, Lawn Care and Maintenance.

Responsible for coordinating service leaders and support positions for Sunday services, and liaising with RE for Children & Youth on inter-generational services.

Responsible for web site, mailing lists, newsletter, advertising, directory, bulletin boards, phone tree and Wayside Pulpit (outdoor signage).

Responsible for budget, canvass, fundraising, managing the West Bequest fund.