Music at UUCH

Music is a very important part of our UUCH community life. Not only do we offer a variety of different styles and opportunities for music in our Sunday services, but there are several other ways we share our enjoyment of music throughout the year.

Music Projects

Each month during the church year, in conjunction with our monthly themes for our Sunday services, we have a Music Project. These projects provide opportunities for all musicians (singers and instrumentalists) to participate in a Sunday service, at different levels of skill. Everyone can join in. You simply need to choose the months that work for your schedule and level of commitment and come out for one or more rehearsals for those months.

Rehearsals for the Music Projects are Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in the Worship Room. Exceptions are when the Afterchoir are practising. Then we gather in the Minister’s office. This is usually on the last Sunday of each month.

Music Projects for this church year (2017-18) are planned for the following dates:

Sunday, September 17th

Sunday, October 15th

Sunday, November 19th

Sunday, December 10th

Sunday, January 21st

Sunday, February 18th

Sunday, March 18th

Sunday, April 15th

Sunday, May 6th

Sunday, June 10th

The Afterchoir

The Afterchoir (our folk/rock group) meets most Wednesdays, from approximately 4:45 to 6:15 pm. This group usually contributes their unique and vibrant style to the last service of each month. They also play on special occasions during the church year, such as our church picnic and coffeehouse.
Contact James at to confirm dates and times.

Winter Warm-up Coffeehouse

Every February we host a lively evening of music, poetry, skits and comedy, offered by our talented members and special guests. It is a fabulous way to warm up the winter with entertainment, fellowship, refreshments, and good community fun. All are welcome; members, friends, family and visitors. There is a donation basket at the door, and we share potluck snacks.

Dinner Theatre

In April 2015, ten enthusiastic members and friends presented two nights of Dinner Theatre as a fundraiser. It was a great success for participants, attendees and the church coffers. In the spring of 2016, a cast of 15 presented 3 shows, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 12, 13, and 14.

Verses and Vittles

In the fall of 2016, we had a great evening reminiscing about our history, with food and music covering the 139 years since we held our first service.

Road Trips

We like to take our music ‘on the road’ at times, spreading cheer to those who are ill or have trouble getting out to services and events.

*Stay up-to-date on all of the above and more through our Facebook page and monthly newsletters.

For questions or comments please contact Deborah Wiggins, Music Director, at